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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cab driver working for metro ac access. >> they feared their son had been kidnapped. scott broom spent the day investigating exactly what happened. scott. >> rory doyle is the man we're talking about and his family probably never would have known about this except that he carried a cell phone with him. a cell phone he didn't know how to use, but had gps tracking software and he keeps in a backpack. back when all this happened on september 22. >> through a gps tracker. >> bernie doyle has it all on his laptop. a four hour detour to nowhere for rory doyle. a disabled young man who functions at the level of a five to seven-year-old. >> rory attends programs for disabled adults and uses metro access. on this day, metro ac access
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called a regency ran cab to cover the route. >> probably 30 miles out of the day. >> rory's tracking software shows a trip that went from gaithersburg all the way around the beltway to andrew's air force base, then down to lafont plaza and four hours later did the driver take rory home. >> i considered dialing 911 and having police arrest the cab driver. >> more much of the trip, he was on the phone with metro access dispatchers and supervisors, begging for answers and getting nowhere. >> i had to take him upstairs to the bathroom and make sure nothing criminal had happened. >> we launched a criminal investigation. >> metro is looking into it and promising a thorough investigation. >> we're looking at phone records. we want to talk to the driver involved to get an understanding of exactly what was going on and how this happened. >> all right, so they are looking into it. i contacted regency cab today
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and have not heard back from them. rory's dad is satisfied that nothing bad happened to him during this four hour ride to nowhere. he just doesn't understand why it happened and he wants to get to the bottom of it so he can continue to trust the metro transit system to take care of his son and the 2.5 million other rides they give to vulnerable adults all around our area throughout the year. reporting live downtown, scott broom, 9news now. >> it is hard to fathom. thank you scott. imagine you're in your own kitchen when somebody suddenly breaks in, throws you on the floor, and tries to rape you. that's exactly what police say one montgomery county woman went through sunday evening. it happened in sebrook avenue and that is where we find delia. she is live with the latest on this. delia, please tell us you have some idea of who it is. >> we have a good description. police canvassed this neighborhood and talked to the victim who apparently got a
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good look at this guy, because take a look, they released this computer generated composite of the subject. the victim fought off her attacker. a picture perfect community, great homes, great neighbors who are now all stunned that a woman they consider a friend was attacked as she was cooking inside her own kitchen. >> it's sad and it's disturbing. >> police released this computer generated composite sketch who made his way through backyards and the victim's unlocked sliding glass door. >> open door does present an opportunity. >> and then attacked. it was 6:30 sunday evening and the 56-year-old woman was alone at home. >> she was approached from behind by a male suspect who pushed her down on the kitchen floor and attempted to remove her clothing. >> fortunately, the woman fought off her attacker and screamed for help. that's when he took off. >> i was thinking about what i
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should do with my back door. >> residents are taking precautions to keep themselves and their fellow neighbors safe. and hoping that police will catch this suspect. >> we are kind of thinking of, instead of having glass in our windows, having plastic, which can be shattered, but not broken. >> it is a safe neighborhood. you know, you have to keep your doors locked and just be vigilant and look out. just keep a watch. >> and that's the kind of neighborhood this is. everyone looks out for each other. so they will keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity. we can tell you this victim waited four hours before she called police sunday and at this hour, detectives are still looking for the suspect described as a hispanic man about 35 to 40 years old. 5'6" weighing about 185-pounds. >> keeping your eyes open is good. keeping your door locked may be
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even better. at this hour, amanda knox is in the air and on her way home to seattle. after spending four years in an italian prison, her conviction for killing her roommate was overturned last night. manuel is in seattle where family and friends are waiting for her return. amanda knox was full of smiles as she walked through the rome airport. her friend knitly talked to her on the phone before she left. >> this voice was a happy voice. you could feel she was among her beloved and lightheaded and simply happy. >> the 24-year-old's conviction was overturned yesterday after she spent four years in prison for the murder of her british roommate. dna evidence led jurors to set her free, as well as her former boyfriend. she did release a letter that read, those who wrote, those who defended me, those who were close, those who prayed for me,
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i love you. amanda. knox's grandmother is thrilled amanda is coming home. >> we are happy. we are elated. i can't tell you how happy we are. >> knox will be back home within hours. she is looking forward to getting on with her life. manuel, cbs news, seattle. amanda knox is expected to make a statement when she lands later tonight in seattle. did the grandmother charged with murdering her own granddaughter by throwing her off a mall bridge know what she was doing when she did it? a psychologist on the stand today said no, she did not. peggy fox has been covering this trial since the beginning and has the latest. peggy. >> reporter: well as this psychologist told the jury that carmella delaware la rosa had distorted and dilutional thinking, one juror was shaking their head. >> the expert witness, board
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certified clinical psychologist, dr. michael hendricks determined carmella did not know the nature of what she was doing last november 29 when she picked up her grandchild and tossed her over a 45-foot high bridge. hendricks diagnosed delaware dela rosa. dr. hendricks described her suicide attempts and said each one made her a greater risk for another. public defender asked dr. hendricks when someone attempts suicide, what does that mean? he said, it means that their mental illness is not getting better, it's probably getting worse. someone in a major depressive episode can have psychotic and dilutional thoughts. the night of the incident, de la rosa said she felt her family had a secret language that they used against her. that was dilutional thinking and so was her thinking about
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what would happen to angelyn. hendricks said she hasn't intended to hurt angelyn. she did not understand what would happen if she did this. she did not know right from wrong. my conclusion is that she was so stuck in very constrictive thoughts that it never occurred to her at all. the issue of right and wrong. now in the last hour under cross-examination from prosecutor ray moro. dr. hendricks admitted there is no evidence that shows de la rosa was suffering from hallucinations hallucinations or delusions. peggy, thank you. >> today, new jersey governor, chris cristie ended all the month of speculation, announcing he will not run for president in 2012. >> the deciding factor was, it did not feel right, to me, in my gut, to leave now. >> cristie spend months saying
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he wasn't running, but he spent the last week seriously reconsidering after supporters begged him to join the race during a fund raising tour. cristie is focused on serving his state, however he did not rule out a future run for the presidency. and political analysts are looking to today's election in west virginia as the referendum on president obama's administration. voters have until 6:30. earl ray has been acting as governor since joe was elected to the u.s. senate last year. his main opponent, republican bill bah manoney. the judges ruled today that the ban on assault weapons and magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition is constitutional. lesli. smart phone geeks were charged up this afternoon as apple unveiled the latest version of the iphone at the
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company's california headquarters. and as they saw, the iphone 4s is thinner, faster, and plenty of new features. >> there's a new man on the familiar apple stage, selling the company's newest product. >> i am very excited about this new role. >> this was the first major product launch since august. new ceo, tim cook, started the event and handed off the big announcement. apple's latest smart phone, the iphone 4s. >> it's the best iphone yet. >> phone is faster, thinner, a new camera and voice command like no other. >> what time is it in paris? >> the time in paris, france, is 8:16 p.m. >> the iphone is the best selling smart phone, but it faces some fierce competition from others, like google's android. as usual, apple fans ate it up. >> the difference they say is the memory or something like that? it should be much bigger and faster.
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>> steve jobs still casts a big shadow over this company he serves as chairman. but for apple to prove its staying power, it needs to continue to innovate. >> we need to keep building devices and keep doing it well. >> the company is rolling out new services, including the icloud. it lets you store music, documents, photos, and more, on apple's servers so you can access the information from nimplet icloud launches next week and the new iphone will be available later this month in time for the holiday shopping season. >> preorders start this friday and the phones will be available on october 14. sprint customers are getting in. they'll start around $199. and people are dumping those old iphone 4's. >> reporter: 174 for a white
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for $174. and the site, will buy your 16 gig phone for $173. anita. >> you lost me in all those gigs, lesli. hank william's theme song be pulled? what the singer is saying about his comment regarding the president. we did it. sunshine finally came back today. we're looking at a nice stretch of weather. temperatures still in the 60s. 68 downtown. 63 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and look ahead through the rest of the week and talk about that meteor that went over parts of the metro area early this morning. president obama heads south to talk jobs, but are his proposals dead on arrival in congress? imdanielle nottingham on capitol hill. i'll have the story coming up. [ speaking french ]
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now i want to update breaking news. authorities uncovered the body of a woman that went missing. she was among the five people on that craft when it crashed earlier this afternoon. the pilot and three others were pulled alive from the water shortly after the chopper went down. that chopper was out of control before the crash. president obama is hitting the road to try to sure up support for his jobs bill. the president took his pitch to dallas today. he is hoping his backers will send a message to congress that it's time for action. and he is urging lawmakers to approve the entire proposal, including payroll tax breaks and new spending on public news projects. the plan as a whole will not pass. >> my suggestion to the president is that he put aside proposals for which we know there is bipartisan opposition. >> the senate starts work on the jobs plan later this week, but even some members of the
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president's own party say the bill does not have enough support to pass. the senate's number two democrat says some members of his party aren't happy with some of the tax measures. others don't like the $447 billion price tag. the president is pushing lawmakers to find common ground. his own job is on the line next year. a new cbs news poll shows most americans don't blame president obama for the nation's economic troubles, but 69% say they don't think he's made any progress fixing it. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. and while in texas, president obama attended two fundraisers for his reelection campaign. >> here in our area, some job seekers figure career fairs are their best shot. >> there was one today. so we sent lindsey mastis there to track the hope and the pain. >> take a moment and follow
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armani martin and jennifer. each make their way through this job fair in roslynn. >> when you walk in, it's nerve racking. i'm looking for an it job, something to do with computers. >> martin is 22 years old and looking for work for more than six months. >> i'm doing little side jobs for my aunts and uncles. they are helping me out. it's been rough. i've been in and out of interviews and in and out of job fairs. >> you are a match, they're not. and right now they are picky because a lot of people out there. >> to make ends meet. >> i'm teaching turkish. my first language. >> he is qualified to work as a financial adviser, but he stopped at this booth because he needs a job and willing to use another skill. >> he is working, but the hours aren't enough. >> i provide services right now for children and family who is special needs. >> she wants to become a full- time counselor and needs
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insurance. >> right now, things are difficult. both my husband and i are looking for full-time work. my 16-year-old is also autistic, so we definitely need to have benefits. >> three qualified candidates ready to work. >> it's actually great that there are job fairs going on, even in this economy. it's a hopeful experience. >> i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> there were dozens of employers a the that fair, including the u.s. secret service, the w hotel, and merchants tire and the event was free. good luck to all of them. derek. lesli, johns hopkins university professor says his jaw literally dropped when he found out he is one of the winners of this year's nobel prize. adam reiss is an astronomer. the three earned their prize for a study of exploding stars that reveal that the universe is expanding faster and faster instead of slowing down, as you
5:19 pm
might otherwise assume. we'll hear from professor reiss at 6:00. some real ficheses physics stuff that we don't get. >> how do you get it? >> i think a check comes. >> yeah, that does come ultimately. blue. >> blue skies. blue skies. >> great day. >> a little different story in boston. check this out. this was massive flooding. firefighters to come rescue folks. they had heavy rain, floods, shut down streets this morning. talk about a bad commute. some areas had 5 inches of rain in just about a 3 hour period and that will do. that will cause some flooding. many folks drove through the streets, had to be rescued. the firefighter carried one man on his back to get him back safely. that's not what you want to do. >> temperatures, we got dry air today. just not as warm as it should
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be or as it averaged, but we'll take it. we're in the 60s now. we were struggling to get to the 50s on saturday, sunday, and monday. 64 in arlington. and even 69 down into fort bellevoir. satellite picture radar combined. a few clouds off to the north. a final piece of that system that is going to finally move on out to sea. you can see the heavy rains through connecticut and back over to rhode island and providence and up into boston. all right, for us, here's the deal. the tables have turned in our favor. tonight, chilly again. wednesday best week, no doubt about it. you'll need your sunglasses. cooler thursday and friday for that matter, but still very nice. all relative really. for tonight, look for clear skies, breezy and chilly. 46 to 54. winds will continue northwest at 10 to 15. that will make it feel chillier, but it also helped us dry out today.
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so downtown, maybe 53 in arlington. 53 downtown. 52 in springfield. 48 in rockville. 48 in reston and 47 in fairfax. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and breezy. a chilly start. it will warm up, but 40s and 50s to begin. winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon, mostly sunny, spectacular. you'll need your sunglasses. high temperatures near 75. winds will calm down, too, out of the north at 10. so highs tomorrow, you're inside the beltway, you will be flirting with 75 tomorrow. 75 in arlington. maybe 74 in rockville. but 72 up in baltimore and 73 in gaithersburg and 73 also in reston. all right, zone forecast. i think we'll make 60 in oakland. 70 in cumberland. low 70s in hagerstown. 75 in culpeper. 73 in manassas, leesburg. maybe 73 or 74 in fairfax. 74 downtown and 74 in
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gaithersburg. there is a small craft advisory for the bay and title pennsylvania potomac. 68 and 70 on friday and then warmer over the weekend. we have not touched that. mid 70s on saturday. mere 80 on sunday. 80 on monday. even next tuesday looks nice with temperatures in the mid 70s. partly cloudy skies. not a drop on that period, either. i just got off the phone with jeff chester. there was a fire ball over harper's ferry today and cumberland. the boom that everybody heard might have been the meteor going from sonic to subsonic. they don't think it hit the ground. >> it was a meteor. >> still ahead, the girlfriend of the doctor charged in michael jackson's death is on the witness stand. we'll hear from her. up next, police use a new tactic in their search for a maryland woman. let's take you out with a new list of the most opinionated cities and nobody
5:23 pm
should be surprised. the list compiled by tag found that d.c. has 34% more online comments made per person than the average. tampa bay second followed by pittsburgh, phoenix, and san diego. we'll be right back.
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they are using cadaver dogs to search for the remains of robyn gardner. her companion is being held in connection with her disappearance. he denies any wrong doing. the dogs arrived in the netherlands last weekend, aruba solicitor general say they will focus on the area where the couple had been snorkeling. a seven-year-old boy is telling a horrifying story about being locked in a coffin and duct taped in a basement of
5:27 pm
a house. now police are looking for a couple suspected of abusing the child. they found the boy in a basement. that house has been condemned. his relationship to the couple is unclear. in central pennsylvania tonight, a homeowner is recovering from what authorities are calling the worst bear attack in the region in decades. rich says a black bear leapt on him as he let his dog inside early yesterday morning. his wife tried to help, but she was knocked to the ground. >> i am literally standing with the door open and i'm yelling for the dog. this is like the same situation, it's dark out. and things happened so fast. she runs in, and all of a sudden, i just see black and it came in and i'm in the way of the dog and the bear and you know, the bear took me. >> it took 70 stitches and staples to close the wound on his head. he is 6'6", weighs 300 pounds and that's a good thing because
5:28 pm
the doctor says if he were average size, he probably would be dead. coming up, the latest on casey anthony. hear what the woman acquitted of killing her two-year-old two-year-old daughter is telling her probation officer. prosecutors trying to prove that michael jackson's physician was paying more attention to his personal life. i'm jennifer in los angeles and i'll have that story coming up. this is bruce johnson. coming up, hank williams jr. has been sacked by espn after comparing the president to adolf hitler. i'll have the story coming up. state farm. this is jessica.
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you know that voice. hank williams, the singer who usually opens up monday night football. the theme song was pulled last night after williams compared president obama to adolf hitler during an interview on the fox tv network. bruce johnson is covering the fallout from this story and there is a lot of reaction to this. >> there's fallout. he's apologizing, but it's unclear if it is coming in time to save his spot in the lineup for espn. >> for nearly 20 years, the voice and music of hank
5:32 pm
williams jr. has gotten us ready for monday night football. but as one song writer said this week that got him sacked from last night's broadcast, at least temporarily. >> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> oh yeah. yeah. and biden, yeah. >> what do you not like about it? >> come on. come on. that would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. >> brought this response from espn monday night. we are extremely disappointed with this comment and as a result, we had decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast. >> if you go back historically, you have never seen this in the history of this country. >> the elected executive says his comments are the latest in a pattern since barack obama was elected president. >> there's a foe tee on the website that has him in a suit.
5:33 pm
just over the line. we have seen too much of that, to look at this as an isolated incident. this is something part of our fabric since he's been president. >> in a statement, hank williams jr. said i've always been very passionate about politics in sports and this time it got the best or worst of me. williams has been a vocal supporter of the tea party. >> we contacted three local members of the tea party. two in d.c. and one in northern virginia. all three refused to go on camera. hank williams statement concludes that the thought of leaders of both parties on the golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by. simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement. i'm sorry if i offended anyone. i would like to thank all of my supporters. now in an earlier statement, hank williams, jr., said he does respect the office of
5:34 pm
president. lesli, he has yet to apologize to the president. >> doesn't sound like that may be coming either. what about his future with espn and monday night football? is this a firing, suspension? >> right now it's a suspension. what espn is doing is waiting to see what the public response is going to be. this has to do with last night's game, as far as we know. >> more to come. back into the studio. dr. conrad murray's girlfriend took the stand at his manslaughter trial today. jennifer joins us live from the courthouse in l.a. while prosecutors are trying to prove that this physician was distracted when he was supposed to be caring for michael jackson. >> the women took center stage today as prosecutors tried to convince the jurors that michael jackson's personal physician was paying more attention to his newly glammous personal life than he was to the life of his famous patient. a friend who was talking on the phone with dr. conrad murray the day michael jackson died
5:35 pm
said her conversation with dr. murray was suddenly interrupted. >> i pressed the phone against my ear and i heard mumbling of voices. it sounded like the phone was in his pocket or something. and i heard coughing. >> phone records show dr. murray called shaday just before noon on june 25, 2009. the 911 call from jackson's mansion was made at 12:21. >> i hung up the phone and i tried calling back and there was no answer. i tried calling back again, no answer. i tried texting. >> prosecutors are trying to establish that dr. murray was paying more attention to personal matters rather than attending to his superstar patient in the days and hours before his death. >> they called three women to the stand tuesday who murray spoke to regularly in june 2009, including his girlfriend and mother of his son, nicole alvarez. murray called alvarez four
5:36 pm
times during the afternoon of jackson's death. one call came from the ambulance. >> i remember him telling me that he was on the way want to the hospital with mr. jackson. >> receive orders of propofol. the doctor caused jackson's death with an overdose. the defense claims jackson gave himself the fatal dose. now also on the stand today, a pharmacist from las vegas who testified that dr. murray ordered an increasing amount of that anesthetic and a will the of bottles were being shipped to california. the prosecutor said that murray was not being honest with the pharmacist, implying he had a california clinic, a busy california clinic and implying that the drugs are being used there, when instead the address at those anesthetics were
5:37 pm
actually dr. murray's girlfriend's. reporting live from los angeles, i'm jennifer, now back to you in washington. >> wow. okay jennifer. thank you. a gaithersburg man college student accused in a deadly accident is being released into the custody of his parents. he was behind the wheel that crashed into a tree. seven other people were injured in this early sunday morning accident, three of them critically. police say cyberrer had a blood alcohol twice the legal limit. we have information on casey anthony. she has told her probation officer that she is unemployed and has had no source of information in the past 30 days. anthony says she has not used any illegal drugs and not been drinking excessively. anthony was acquitted of murdering caylee back in july. her probation order requires her to work diligently at a lawful occupation. still, the florida corrections
5:38 pm
department says anthony has not violated that probation. and the jury selection underway in the trial of the so- called underwear bomber. umar is accused of trying to bring down detroit bound plane in 2009 with explosives hidden in his underwear. the bombs caused a little smoke and fire. pros cue torse sayprosecutors said al-awlaki was killed in an american air strike in yemen last week. coming up, three streets on this year's list are right here in our area. we'll tell you where. you don't have to pick big ticket items and put them on lay away. >> we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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okay cash strapped parents. here's something you want to hear. toys r us are expanding their lay away program to include most of its inventory. they started offering it in 2009, but starting october 15, in most stores, you'll be able to put things such as dolls and building blocks on lay away. toys r us will offer a bill me later option for its online shoppers. the new orleans super dome will be known as the mercedes- benz super dome. the saints and luxury car maker announced a 10-year naming deal at a news conference today and that change is expected to happen october 23. that's when the saints host the colts, who are terrible. >> so hawaii won't hawaii will
5:42 pm
announce surfing. starting as early as the spring of 2013, surfing will join the likes of swimming, volleyball, and football. hawaii is known for its waves and competitions galore. >> check out this record breaking jump in missouri. at 31 feet, 8 inches. this now holds the world record for distance jump by a dog. now she pulled this off during the purina incredible dog challenge finals over the weekend. i don't know, top, could gibby do that? >> gibby wouldn't jump in the first place. >> he's a love machine. he's not a circus dog. he's a love machine. let me tell you the pollen. we have a break with everything except for mold. they are in the high range once
5:43 pm
again. we'll come back and talk about temperatures going up for a while. look ahead to the weekend. the greater d.c. region should be proud. naming three streets of great streets to live and work. i'm suray chin. i'll have that coming up. if you've got pain?
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. triple digit gain for stocks today. the dow finished the day up 153 points to close at 10,808. nasdaq climbed 69 points and s and p rose 2. the american planning association just put out their list of great streets in america and the greater d.c. region, hey, we have a lot to be proud of. >> indeed we do. three area streets made this year's top ten and suray shows us why and where. >> king street and oldtown alexandria has that neighborhood feel that keeps ruth roberts coming back. especially as a tour guide, it
5:47 pm
helps to have this new distinction. >> i think it's the mix of people who come here, the bikers, the local people. the choice of restaurants. it's good. >> restaurants, boutiques, and night life make this a favorite in the country. blending history, vie bran si, and 21st century allure. king street is one of three streets named to grant top ten spots. there's the historic davis street in culpeper, virginia, and the third is right here on u street with the iconic food landmark, ben's chili bowl. it is closed today for plumbing problems, but always something to do here. >> new clubs and the bistros are nice. >> u street has seen a renaissance revival. >> nice restaurants. kind of like an old fashioned type of feel. >> $40 million and 25,000 volunteer hours put draffs street in culpeper, virginia, back on the map. the recognition raises the bar
5:48 pm
of how people choose to live and work. using criteria such as architecture features, functionality, and community involvement. three out of ten spots, not bad, virginia and d.c. suray chin, 9news now. >> not bad at all. loving the whole u street thing. a handful of a building sustained minor damage in culpeper. that happened during last month's earthquake. for a full list of public spaces, head to our website, >> the white house is about to get its first female chief usher. first lady, michelle obama announced that long time hotel executive, angela reid, will take over the job next month. from tours to state dinners, the chief usher overseas most aspects of white house operations. reid is currently the general manager at the ritz carlton in alexandria and she replaces rear admiral, the first african american to hold the usher's
5:49 pm
post. anita. >> i'm feeling some nice fall weather out here. >> finally. >> i mean it can be nice this time of year. >> let's start with temperatures. it's below average, but after we struggled to get to the low 50s saturday and sunday, these 60s feel pretty good. 68 downtown. 66 in sterling. 64 up in rockville. generally in the mid 60s just about everywhere, which is a little below average, but we'll take it. the tables have turned. tonight chilly again. wednesday best of the week. you'll need your sunglasses. a little bit cooler thursday, but not a disaster. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy. lows 46 to 54. winds will continue at 10 to 15. if you're inside the beltway in downtown, you'll be in the low 50s. if you're in the suburbs, 48 out toward reston. 47 in fairfax. and we're looking at 53
5:50 pm
downtown. now tomorrow morning, a chilly start, but mostly sunny. gorgeous, 40s and 50s early. by afternoon, spectacular. mostly sunny, high temperatures near 75, which is average. winds out of the north at 10. back door front, so a little bit cooler and warmer over the weekend. i mean, thursday and friday looks fine, but look at saturday and sunday. mid 7 70s on saturday. next tuesday we're looking at temperatures in the mid 70s. more on that meteor and meteorite on our facebook page. >> that's a seven-day that is more like it. >> sweet. >> especially tomorrow. very nice. coming up, four virginia men in jail in what prosecutors call the biggest government kickback scheme in history. plus, i'm kristin fisher at johns hopkins university where a professor has been awarded the nobel prize in physics and wait until you hear how he
5:51 pm
found out. we'll have his story coming up. >> redskins hit the bye week with a winning 3-1 record. we'll take a look back at those first four and what still lies ahead, up next.
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5:53 pm
briana likely won't forget last friday night any time soon. the michigan high school senior is a kicker on her school's varsity football team.
5:54 pm
last friday was homecoming and at halftime, she was summoned from the locker room to be crowned homecoming queen. >> at halftime, i was in the locker room and then one of the assistant locker room said the top three have to walk across the field. >> you know, when things are going your way, they are going your way. that was just the beginning. she was down 7-6 in the 3rd quarter. when the coaches called, she drilled a 31-yarder for the win. that's what i'm talking about for a friday night. >> she didn't even need the crown. she didn't need the dress. >> none of that. >> the redskins now 1/4 of the way through the season and already we are at the bye week. they are 3-1. >> that's right. so what is in store for the burgendy and gold? >> one thing we know for sure,
5:55 pm
they are better than they were last year. the chaos and uncertainty, and as david owens reports, redskins park is a happy, happy place. >> okay, it's only a four-game sample, but maybe, just maybe mike shanahan is on to something. >> perseverance is usually key to everything in life. >> remember, he was railed for not giving donovan enough time. not getting more out of haynesworth. instead, he overhauled the roster. he was once the league's oldest. boy is that ever working out. >> i'm part of the team. one of the 11 guys out there trying to make plays and we are getting better. >> he upgraded talent. hightower. boeing, and cofield worked out. the captain believes the character and commitment is just as important. >> you have guys this buy into what you're doing. >> so who would have predicted
5:56 pm
this? the eagles 1-3 at the bottom of the division with several question marks. the redskins comparatively stable at the top. and while that may surprise many, don't count the coach among them. >> this game really doesn't surprise me. this is a football team, players that are hand picked. >> whether it correlates to a better record is yet to be seen. let's face it, not many were confident in the team or the coach. at season's kickoff. >> hopefully we can create our own identity. >> identity thus far, work in progress. but better than last season. dave owens, 9sports now. >> thanks for that. coming up at 6:00, one of baseball's four series ended this afternoon. that, plus an update on alex ovechkin and his availability on saturday. all that is coming up in 30 minutes. lesli. >> we'll see you then. parents worried about their kids weight may be able to keep them trim with an earlier
5:57 pm
bedtime. that's according to a new study at the university of south australia. researchers found that children that went to bet late and woke up late were twice as likely to be obese as kids who went to bed early and woke up early. kids who stay up late also spend more time watching tv or playing video games, but the kids who went to bed early were more physically active. anita. >> we have been talking about rising concerns about a sexually transmitted virus. it's hpv. it is known to cause cervical cancer in women, but it can cause cases of cancer in the throat. new research shows hpv positive tumors account for more than tobacco or alcohol use. if this trend going, oral cancer from hpv could surpass cervical cancer in ten years. what they don't know is whether the vaccine will work against oral cancers as well. and it's not just throat cancer that is major health concern these days, many
5:58 pm
precancerous legions have to be treated with painful surgery to figure out what to do. but that could soon change. researchers have now developed a bandage that solves an age old problem. how do you get something to stick to the inside of your mouth? >> patient who's are diagnosed with legions in their mouths are usually given only a couple options. they can do nothing, have their dentist keep a close eye on the legions and hope they are not cancerous, or have them cut out and biopsied. neither option is ideal. she signed up to help test a new gel designed to heal legions. i phut it put it on my gums and it started to dissolve in my mouth. and you didn't even see it after just a few minutes. >> researchers at ohio state university's come prehencive center helped to develop this, a tiny saliva proof patch. >> idea behind a patch would be that it would hold it in place,
5:59 pm
much like a nicotine patch or some other type of drug delivery patch. >> on that patch is a potent medicine made with ultrahigh levels of vitamin a. it could be very effective in treating mouth legions, though too much of this vitamin can be problematic. that's where the patch comes in. in lab tests, it delivered medicine directly into the legions with 97% efficiency and released very little vitamin a anywhere else. >> actually like to see a little amount of compound. that was the case. >> the saliva patch or mouth band-aid is going into human testing and when it comes to mouth legions, this is important. these don't have to hurt. sometimes it's just a white patch on the gums or inside the cheek. a dental exam may pick it up. if you notice something, bring it to your dentist's attention. a magistrate ordered four northern virginia men held


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